The Harbinger

Oil on Canvas 5'x5'


I painted this in 2009 waiting for somthing...

Tis the season

Sunshine and flowers,   I've got two of these trees in my back yard... 


Little blue eyes

This little dude is what I wake up to and go to sleep reading to... I am so blessed for his inspiration and fufilled by his love...  I'm a daddy every day and every night, but what makes me the happiest is knowing I get to be his biggest hero and role model his whole life.  


Slack Tide

Early Morning dreaming and reflecting... This tranquility is my future... I'm finding a new stride and a new peace. Life is constantly changing, and likewise I have too.  I don't want the same things I used to, I don't think the way I used to, The world is embracing me, I am so appreciative and humbled by this all.


Point Barrow Alaska

There I was, no shit!  Some years back I was exploring the very most northern, North American, spit of land I could achieve. On the point this is where three seas converge, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Chukchi Sea.  I was told the unfortunate tale that there was a beautiful woman behind every tree there, so I was off!!  

This is where I landed... Just before 200 to 250 of the Northern ice pack's majestic polar bears made their journey from the ice on into land, via swimming or a nice ferry ride on the ice.  The bears show up once a year to feed on the remains of bowhead whale, who are hunted by the lands native folk.  

The wonderful citizens who welcomed us, drunkenly (this is a dry village); by asking if we were the cops, and drove off the rest of the way to town (IN REVERSE), all vacated the town for the bears arrival.  They had done so without notice to our group, maybe in efforts to detour the hungry bunch from feasting on their friends and family members.

I survived to tell the tale, you'll have to ask me in person what happened when I found the tree. 


Kim's rose

The endless practice of the many ways to render a rose.







My Nephew...

 ... And proud new papa.  Ruling Alaska with his wrath, the Army's best soldier!


The Titty Oogler


The fun that insues when I'm asked to "just full this area in with something!"

Seattle... A home for me.

Ahhhh, New Beginnings... 

My beloved Pacific Northwest you embrace me with your chill  and beauty.

Here I am returning for your call of the wild 

and to change your tides.